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Monday, December 25, 2006

An Ode To The Past

Sometimes you have to remember the past to see where you've come from just in case you've lost your bookmark. [ Photo circa 1958.]


Each time I look at the lights on my tree
And photos of days gone by
I would be remiss if I didn't say makes me cry

In a tiny town, a dot on the map
We took our first footsteps
We took our first naps

We sat starry eyed
As the holidays began
We jumped and we yelled
We frolicked and ran

After waiting all night for that old boy Saint Nick
To shimmy down the chimney so fat and so thick
To empty his bag, leaving hearts on high
Oh, you want to bet
There was magic in our eyes.

I see little girls curled up
All snuggly and warm
Clutching little black patent purses
Filled stockings and more!

If I close my eyes I can picture
Girls sniggling in a pack
Telling stories of their adventures
With mom serving homemade snacks.

May you always look back
From where you have come
From the loins of the woman
We love to call Mum

We grew a few larger
Somewhere along the way
There were more at the table
With much more to say

It was destined to be
As love filled her heart
She would be a new woman
And get a fresh start

Her strength is apparent
In each she has raised
With the help of her lover
Our dad of many days

Each year that passes
Time quickly slides
A wrinkle, a stretch mark
A butt grown too wide

Our clothes feel much smaller
Our children have grown fine
When did all this happen you wonder?

In the blink of an eye!

But it's moments like this
We can all reflect on
Where we've gone
Who we've become
Where we're going
And what's to come.

We've grown in so many ways
But those hearts remain a child's
The anticipation of friends
Or calls from across the miles

And though my door opens often
And friends begin to call
It's those I was weaned away from
I miss the most of all.

My gift for you this Christmas
Is filled with all my love
To wish you all your dreams come true
And to always rise above

May your stocking be crammed full
With all that lies ahead
May your dreams leave you filled
As you snuggle into bed

To your health and your home
To the blessings you've known
To the knowledge you're shared
To know that you have cared

It's the path to this place
Our souls can find peace
The journey, the detours
The joys that never cease

Though life's not always easy
Sometimes too hard to grasp
There's always this to hold on to
Never let go of the past

My love for you runs deep
Of this you should always know
So take a moment for me this holiday
To make an angel in the snow.

...And to my father and friend
For whom my love is abundant
You are forever etched in my heart
To say more would be redundant

Merry Christmas!


Blogger Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Terrific poem. I hope your Christmas was all you wanted.


3:04 PM  
Blogger Meloncutter said...

It's our greatest treasure to set and relive our memories. I did it too. Thanks for the gift of this poem.

Later Y'all

6:39 AM  
Blogger gem said...

That 60s picture (has to be a polaroid, right?)is so perfect--I'm there or should I say, I've been there. I loved the multimedia experience when I tuned into your blog. Your husband's music is a fantastic counterpart to your site. And your daughter is stunning. You have many blessings to count this holiday season!

1:43 PM  
Blogger Michael C said...

Absolutely beautiful!

7:49 PM  

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