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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It Takes Two To Tango...

Relationships are like a box of chocolates because you never know what you're going to get, that is according to Forrest Gump.

But does it always have to be?

There are choices when selecting these intimate delicacies. You can pick the ones with the nuts...or the ones without. That is how you put yourself in charge.

As in relationships, if you pick the ones with the nuts, you know that although the chocolate will always melt in your mouth the nut is sometimes hard to swallow but if you always pick the solid chocolate there will never be any surprises.

The real delimna is deciding whether or not you are willing to chance the surprises or always take the safe route.

Taking a chance in like/love means that you are the nut kind of person. Always open to late night calls, made or recieved, a late night knock on the door for an unexpected tryst, maybe even a little love note left on a car windshield signed by an annonymous amour. The little things we like to call them.

Sometimes it means doing the unexpected at the most unlikely time even if it takes a deep breath to settle your stomach before making any kind of grand gesture.

But, in relationships, it truely takes two to tango. No one likes to stand in the middle of the room dancing alone when your partner is close enough to grab you by the waist and twirl you about even if it makes you look like a fool. It's always the thing that makes the dance worth repeating.

So...whether you're a nut or solid chocolate is the only thing you have to decide when the dance begins. Are you a sitter or twirler you might ask yourself? Are you willing to bite into the nut, possibly breaking a tooth, or are you the type to play it safe and only indulge in the smooth melted liquid that offers no challenge?

So here what you do. The next time you're at the counter deciding which way to go, nut or not, try letting your heart make the choice. You might just surprise yourself by throwing caution to the wind and indulge in something unfamiliar, at least one time. definately takes two to tango!


Blogger ISOSOS said...

O.K.... a slow dance or two would be great as well, not everyone can tango! Have you seen those dancers go at it? It's a wonder some couples are able to walk off the dance floor.
Of course we're talking about the passion and fire that it takes to go the distance.
I believe in love, and I believe that anything is possible when two people set the minds and hearts in motion toward a common goal. Throwing cation to the wind is sometimes part of the deal... and that's why love is so much harder to find as we get older.
It really comes down to the willingness to take a chance. A friend of mind suggested that we have relationships in order to grow. On question we might ask is, "what can or is this person trying to teach me?" "And, is it something that I need or want to know." "Why is this person in my life?"
Instead of the old way of thinking of what you might need or want from the other person.
I guess the bottom line is instead of what...ask why? And if the other person does the same, there could be a meeting of minds, bodies and spirits that is "SUPERNATURAL!"
Love Ya!!!

9:37 AM  

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