THE "NOT-SO" NEWS/JBLA: The Empty Side Of The Bed

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Empty Side Of The Bed

The place where my husband should be lying next to me in bed has been unmussed for more than a week now, he's away on business.
When I looked back at the bed from the window this morning where I was watching the sun rise I realized how incomplete my life is when he's not here. He's the zig to my zag if I may. I realized how much I miss him and his silly antics.
After 26 years of marriage we've become like a perfectly matched set of fine china. Take one piece from the setting and you feel it right down to the bottom of your soul that the world has become unbalanced and you wait patiently for the return of the missing piece.
Strangely enough, as I was sitting at my computer working on this blog, the phone rang and it was him calling from Prague.
It was as if he knew I was feeling strangely alone today. He said he'd written me a letter, it was in his coat pocket, and all our years together crazily flashed through my mind.
Because he's rarely written anything more that a few words at a time to me, usually on a card for a birthday or other milestone event, I felt a knot rise in my stomach and asked him casually "Is it over?"
He quietly said "No, it's exactly the opposite".
My heart filled along with my eyes because our love seems to be able to endure anything and everything.
I felt my arms quietly reach across the distance and embrace him as though he were right beside me. How I love this crazy guy!
Why his writing a letter to me would cause me to ask him this I don't know, guess it's just my imaginative side getting the best of me, because in all these years, through all the childrearing catastrophies and whatever else got put in our path, we've never so much as had an argument. We've never faltered and I feel so remarkable blessed by his presence in my life.
Do I feel lucky? You betcha!!!!


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Blogger ISOSOS said...

Hey girl, that's gotta be one of the sweetest things, to know you have love in your life like that makes me think that one day I might too... It happens... maybe I can get lucky!
Love ya!
P.S. We all need to see the picture of the bed after his return... I bet it will be a mess.

9:16 PM  
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