THE "NOT-SO" NEWS/JBLA: The Sun Always Rises-A New Day Begins

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Sun Always Rises-A New Day Begins

I took a photo this morning from the upstairs window with my new Holga. Where is it you ask? It's on my desk because I have not yet been able to upload my pictures to this blog because Internet Explorer does not seem to support this site other than with words.
I was so excited yesterday with a few of the photo's I took (even though there is no evidence that will show that I really did snap a few funny ones), but after spending countless hours yesterday (pulling my hair out) looking for the upload icon that never ever appeared they are all still precariously perched on my desk along with the sunrise shot. Even my Holga buddy, the infamous photojournalist Tammy, who seems to come alive at the helm of the computer, could not ease my pain at being so computer illiterate. She tried to upload them for me from her computer but couldn't. I have to admit however, that deep down inside my frustration turned to joy as I came to the realization that it's not me who has the problem, it's my crappy computer.
Hopefully I will be able to post them at a later time after I trash my current obsolete dinosaur of a computer (it's been put together and held together with band aids and spit) and step towards the future with a new fully loaded (2005-06) computer that will ease my frustration and allow me to do whatever I want.
I've never been a fancy schmancy computer person because as a writer all I need is a word processor and e-mail Hell, my old Commodor would have been fine, however, yesterdays experience made me feel like I was back in kindergarten (or brain dead).
So just like the weather, things change and we too should always keep changing to keep things fresh. Where will I spend my day--where else--at the computer store looking for a computer that likes me and visa-versa.


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Blogger ISOSOS said...

So JB... Get crackin! It's time for you to get that new computer! Then I'll show you some photoshop to even the playing field just a little. Probably to my detrament. Knowing you... you'll win this friggin bet. Hey.. do we have a year? I think that will be a fair amount of time. No running to ROD for help now! Or emailing Rick or David.... well, ok, if you have to, but CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!!!
This is going to be fun!
Lov ya...

9:08 AM  
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